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Thread: Before Blog Commenting?

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    Lightbulb Before Blog Commenting?

    While participating in Blogs, please take some precautions to get a better result and quick response..i.e.:

    * Your Comment Must be Unique.
    * Your Comment have relevancy.
    * Your Comment Must be at-least minimum 150 characters to 350 characters.
    * Try to attract more audience of your comment of blogs.
    * After doing some posts you can place your signature with a hyperlink of your targeted keywords of your business.

    By following the minimum process of above, you may definitely increase your business traffic source along with good backlinks to a website..

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    Definitely aryan, if your comment is not unique or relevant with the post then your comment is count as useless. You have to make professionalism in your comment.

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    yes Aryan, you have well shared about "how should be blog comment?" that can attract traffic and leads to your website.

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    I agree with your blog commenting precautions: unique, on topic
    But i dont do blog commenting as most links are nofollow, only when you point visitors to site as unclickable link: mysite.com it might have benefit, im unsure.

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