Hi, i installed SSL on my website so i gained some experience so if you are struggling to setup SSL or just dont have time, i can help You! (prices on the bottom of this post)

This is a message i sent to one person i know:

Hi Sahib,

i just found your site sahibexchange.com and at first look i found your HTTPS dont looks good. In the address bar i see bad SSL icon:
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I got an idea if you wish to have full SSL green icon like i have on my site https://instantcpanelhosting.com/

i watched your source code and it requires from you one simple edit in your code.

so if you wish to have green SSL icon, can i send you my perfectmoney number so you can send me $5 for my advice?

If you dont wish, its my bad



I will make sure your SSL icon is pretty green and your SSL is setup and working.

If you already have SSL setup but you dont have pretty green SSL icon, i will fix this for you for $15 - payable via Paypal.

For SSL setup on Server/hosting, it can be $25

Please kindly message me if You are interested to assign me this job.

Thank you,