- Install PHP, Mysql and related.
- Download and install ISPConfig free control panel.
- Install it

Disclaimer: This command should be safe even you have php, mysql etc already installed. But always do every linux tasks on your own risk.

yum update -y;yum install php mysql mysql-server php-mysql dovecot -y;chkconfig mysqld on;chkconfig httpd on;/etc/init.d/mysqld start;yum install postfix dovecot system-switch-mail system-switch-mail-gnome -y;/etc/init.d/httpd restart;wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/ispconfig/ISPConfig%203/ISPConfig-;tar xzf ISPConfig-;cd ispconfig3_install/install/;php -q install.php
Then do:
1. 5x Enter key
2. write your mysql root password, default is empty, no password. (IF YOU DONT KNOW PASSWORD: and your tries failed, you need to close current ISPConfig setup and reset mysql password first. After done, do: cd ispconfig3_install/install/;php -q install.php to start install again.)
3. Confirm mysql password by Enter key
4. 10x Enter key
5. type "n" as to not install ssh. And hit Enter Key. (i had issues restarting apache when ssl was turned on)

Then access your ISPConfig control panel via web browser like: youripaddress:8080
username and password is: admin

After this, i had issues with domain settup in ISPconfig. I created DNS Zone and Added "Site", but when domain pointed to my VPS nameservers, it still did not worked. see there. If anyone find solution, please kindly share it..