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Thread: What can you say about Google humming bird?

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    What can you say about Google humming bird?

    What can you say about the new agorithm of Google?.

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    i dont care about it, maybe i should. i treat it as just another improvement, to prevent influencing SERP by backlinking and blackhat techniques + adding more value to usefull content in my oppinion.

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    Hummingbird is new algorithm updated by Google on Google’s 15th birthday celebration.
    This algorithm in completely new search algorithm that affects 90 % of all searches and one thing that not change in hummingbird is the value of quality content Sites still need to have original, high-quality substance.
    How Hummingbird Algorithm handled "keyword" =>
    Google will become less dependent on keywords and more interested on context.
    A search query like "Where is the nearest coffee shop?" Google cannot rely on the keyword coffee to construct a search. It must recognize that the person wants to find an actual coffee shop. Returning the corporate website for Starbucks might be useless in this particular search. The algorithm needs to understand what the term coffee shop means and one way it does this is by relying on synonym identification.

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