Hostwinds’ Windows SSD VPS's is meticulously built with your need for speed in mind. The underlying network that supports our Windows VPSs is backed by 3 unique carriers, with a combined total of 40Gbps of throughput. We equip each physical SSD Host node with two fully-redundant uplinks that are never pushed beyond 75% utilization, ensuring that our users are always able to use the full port speed guaranteed to them.

All of our SSD Windows virtual private servers are backed by Intel Xeon E5-2600 series CPUs, along with enterprise-grade ECC RAM. We know that the underlying power that fuels Windows VPSs varies from provider to provider, so to stand above the competition, we use the best possible hardware, resulting in our SSD VPSs outperforming other providers by far.

Hostwinds designed a flexible system allowing our SSD virtual private server clients to efficiently change the amount of RAM, CPU, and disk space allotted to their SSD VPSs instantly. The client can easily and quickly make these changes as needed through their Client Area. The changes are instantaneous and can be done with no downtime.

All of our SSD Windows virtual private servers are backed by the latest available hardware in all of our nodes. We also provide you with the latest version of Windows directly licensed from Microsoft to ensure that your updates are the most current available.

Fully Managed Account Available
Enterprise Hardware
24/7/365 Support (via email, phone, chat and ticketing system)
Dedicated Network

Full features of our Windows SSD VPS's can be found HERE!

Offering: Up to 16 levels of service to customize your SSD VPS package to suit your personal needs with the following availabilities:
-CPU Cores:1 - 8
-RAM: 1GB - 35GB
-Disk Space: 25GB - 170GB
-Transfer Speed: 100 Mbps - 1000Mbps
-Bandwidth: Unlimited

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