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Thread: How to monitor csf/lfd service if is running & restart if down

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    How to monitor csf/lfd service if is running & restart if down

    lfd is the config server firewall (csf) daemon. In my case it happened that lfd crashed because of no memory and it was not restarted:

    tail /var/log/lfd.log
    *Error* cannot fork: Cannot allocate memory, at line 3318
    daemon stopped
    In case of a cPanel/WHM server, tell the server to check the lfd service and restart it if needed:
    WHM » Service Configuration »Service Manager and check if you can enable "lfd" here. If its not here, one can do following commands via Linux command line:

    echo "service[lfd]=x,x,x,/etc/init.d/lfd restart,lfd,root" > /etc/chkserv.d/lfd
    echo "lfd:1" >> /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf
    First command will add lfd service to the list of services that should be checked/monitored by WHM
    Second command will enable monitoring of the lfd service


    custom non-cpanel way of checking & restarting

    I think this may work to check if lfd process is running and if not, it will restart csf+lfd:

    crontab -e
    paste on new line:
    * * * * * if [ "$(ps ax|grep lfd|grep -v grep|wc -l)" == "0" ];then csf -ra;fi 1>/dev/null

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    Login Failure Daemon (lfd)

    Login Failure Daemon (lfd) is a process that runs all the time and periodically (every X seconds) scans the latest log file entries for login attempts against your server that continually fail within a short period of time. Such attempts are often called "Brute-force attacks" and the daemon process responds very quickly to such patterns and blocks offending IP's quickly. To check why lfd has failed look at the end of /var/log/lfd.log Support for csf+lfd is over here -

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    You have to monitor csf firewall with various linux commands.
    For that it is must to have root access of server. You can check all the csf commands here.

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