I dont understand how Tormail.org (http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion) works exactly, but you need to have Tor network connection to get the email via POP3 or via web interface from your Tormail.org account.

So if you need to download mail via Windows/Linux client, you need to modiffy your mail client to connection settings to work via Tor socks proxy port. Some Thunderbird tutorial here (only via Tor). But not all mail clients support this.

My aim is to use Tormail as an intermediary and forward TorMail to my Gmail, because it has better interface and functions than Squirelmail, ROundcube or any MailClient.

To achieve this one must create middle server which will run Tor and download TorMails to its internal mail account. That linux box mail account will be then accessed by Gmail or any casual mail client..

For sending replies, we will use Linux box´s smtp details. Linux box will then instead use Onion network (Tormail SMTP) to send that reply. Its complicated but i think doable?

Anyone with knowlegge please can share steps to achieve this?

- Setting up Tor relay on Linux server (helping Onion network, give back)