The project consists of a monitoring program for forums. The primary operations consists of reading (downloading posts,pages,replies, ect.), writing (uploading posts,pages,replies, ect.),
direct interactive reading/writing (chat,Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SMS,Tweeter,instant message (IM) ing with users (with the help of word file)), and of
coarse logging and analizing logs with the use of different algorythms.The writings (uploads) is the outcome of the just mentioned analysis,depending on the combination of the occurance of words
(more on the in the detailed spec). The log/analisys is based on different aspect of data like the type of forum,location of (forum,proxy,user),type of user,time,type of sub-item
(post,page,poll, ect.),Internet protocol used,social network,Web page layout,data formats,char sets,end user hardware device (terminal,PC,tablet,cell, ),OS (Window,UNIX/LINUX,MAC, ect.)
The program would have to:
- use of multiple proxies (to maximize network bandwidth)
- use of multiple CPU/memory adresse (central and withing certain higher level proxies)
- multi-thread (withing each CPU)
- account for network failliures/downtime and have to be auto-reentrant/restart (auto fixing damaged/incomplete data)
- use multiple Internet protocols high level protocols (FTP,HTTP,IRC, ect.)
- use multiple Internet protocols low level protocols (TCP,UDP,MDCP,IP, ect.) for multiple Internet protocols schemes (unicast,multicast,broadcast)
- use multiple low level Internet Protocol Format (IPv4, IPv6, ect.)
- use multiple Network Traffic Route (amongst main program and proxies,and proxies and forum sites)
- taking into account for network optimisation network profile of proxies/end forums/sites
- type of Internet connection (cable, DSL, fiber optic, satellite, ect.)
- baudrate of Internet connection
- Web server (forum) software
- proxy software
- Web server (forum) OS
- proxy OS
- physical real distance of proxies/en Web sites
- wire distance of proxies/en Web sites
- programming language used
- ISP/country/state/county policies (which are sovern BTW (so you have to comply to laws or at least circomvent them in an undetectable way) the later (right) more strigent)
- react on CPU signals
The program would react to both remotely and locally instigated events. That is for example the arrival of a new email would trigger the logging,analisys (word file) and reply from remote,
while a predefined timely event (today is 24th of December,time to send "Mery Christmas wishes") would be local instigated.
The long term data stage would me use of databases,directories and files on hardware.
Of coarse the program would have to be made with security in mind. (encryption,backup,circonvention, ect.), and be re-entrant when a sub-program halts du to error.
The program would also represent interlink between forum site,that is for exmaple what is forum A relation to forum B.

The exact low level global and general structure of a forum site is given an another spec (forum_spec_low_level). Other operations may include (but not limited to) sorting (by key) from
(a defined range), adjusting (data formats (differing amongst operating System (OS),dates,location, ect..),time (differing amongst timezones),language, measurement units (US/metric),
URL formats),searching,analysing data,reactime to network/computer/CPU events ect,ect.

That said (the above),this is a COMPLEX program that suits for EXPIRIANCED programmers and is VERY CHALLENGING.
The knowlege of programming language,network protocols,databases,Operating Systems (OS),hardware is a MUST.
A further spec (forum_spec_low_level) gives every detail to interested programmers.