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Thread: What to do if USB stick do not boot?

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    What to do if USB stick do not boot?

    Hello, do You have any tips on what to do if an USB stick is inserted and computer do not boot from the USB flash disk?


    I experienced some issues with this and these are tips that seems helpfull:

    1) try to call the boot menu where you select boot source. Some Bios have it under F12 key.

    2) Go to Bios right after computer is resetted/turned on and "Enable all the Legacy USB Settings in the Integrated Peripherals BIOS page"

    3) in the Bios, try to temporarilly set computer primary boot device to be USB flash. Make sure you have bootable USB flash drive inserted into the USB socket before entering bios. Then reboot after setting USB flash as a primary boot device.

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    First question, has the usb been formated with a operating system and is it bootable?

    If it is then you need to tell your pc to boot from the usb flash drive.

    You need to enable either boot from usb support or enable legasy settings from your bios. This depends on your motherboard version and bios.

    If I knew your motherboard make and model I would be able to give you a straight answer.

    Please note if the usb isn't bootable, meaning it has the right files and a bootable partition then it wont boot no matter what setting you make in bios.

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    okay, try and do a bios reset and make sure that the boot priority is set to usb e External devices, then the next usb option, then cd rom, etc

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    Thanks for your tips. But sometime i faced that PS2 keyword is not working then i suffer in trouble while i doing new window installation.

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    Use another make of USB stick

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