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Thread: Send me email when person tweet

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    Send me email when person tweet

    Hello, how i can receive email notiffication when someone make a tweet on Twitter?

    i mean only one person that i want to follow and get email notiffications. I follow many people, but want notiffication only for this one person.



    find service that translates someones Twitter "feed" into RSS Feed

    Google: twitter to rss
    example: https://twitrss.me/ , http://www.queryfeed.net (allows excluding retweets and messages to other tweeters), http://rssitfor.me

    then put that RSS feed URL into service that sends email when an RSS feed is updated:

    Google: rss to email
    example: https://www.feedmyinbox.com/


    http://www.tweetalarm.com/ - notiffy when someones tweet contains certain word or phrasse

    maybe check: http://nutshellmail.com/ ,

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    this can be done in the Twitter settings, as far as I know.
    I always come to these notifications automatically

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