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Thread: Is Google Drive dangerous file storage?

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    Is Google Drive dangerous file storage?

    Is it safe to store data on Google Drive? Please kindly add Your thoughts.

    In my oppinion, it might be safe storage, but i would not store there any sensitive data (passwords, identity card scans, important business data) without being encrypted.

    Google offers an Windows and Android applications that can synchronize certain folder with Google Drive. This is another security issue. User should undersand that files in Google Drive folder on his computer/phone are NOT safe from any thief who stole the device.

    If Windows computer that is not using encryption is stolen any average hacker can get around the password and read data on HDD.

    The solution? do not treat Google Drive folder as secure storage. Use encryption (BoxCryptor, TrueCrypt, BitLocker, KeePass)

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    Google drive is safe to storage personal data but keep secure your password which is most important thing.

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    Nothing is safe on internet but as Google has its own policies so you are safe in their hands.

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    In my opinion it is the one of most safety clouds in internet. Impossible to hack and you never lost your data, because they have backups on 5 different servers

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    I store everything offsite in a hard drive. Nothing is safe on the internet

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    Google has also fallen to hackers and passwords have been comprised. It was claimed that last year nearly 5 million Gmail account had been hacked. Since Google Drive uses the same credentials, it does pose a risk to use Google drive for storing sensitive data. The ISP that one uses is aware of the sites that one is using, and this is another reason why users should refrain from storing sensitive data online.
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    In terms of safety I think Google Drive is good enough. Of course it's not 100% guaranteed safe since we can 100% sure about everything, there is always slim chance in which google can be attacked (though I don't think it's possible, nor hackers would do that). If you're worrying about data storage then I think MEGA.nz could be another decent choice. I often use MEGA to store my work and so far there isn't any problem.

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    I would recommend to freely store your data on google drive but change your account password on regular interval.

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