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Thread: What if internet stopped working on Windows?

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    What if internet stopped working on Windows?

    Internet is working OK, but issue is on the computer.
    In MS Windows Vista, suddenly i can only see network icon, but without "Globe" and it says only "Local network" (no Internet).

    I tried to right click This computer and Manage. Then disabled network adapter there. Then enable. not worked, Then tried to uninstall/update drivers, no luck, then tried to uninstall/remove adapter. Then search for new hardware so it autoinstalled it again. it still did not worked. Network configuration looked like default.

    I tried to boot live Linux CD and internet is also unconnectable so i started to think it is hardware issue with integrated onboard network hardware. I seen in Bios (restart PC and hit "Del" key or similar on very beginning) NETwork card is enabled, but still no work.

    What helped is to Load Fail Safe Defaults in Bios. And then save changes in Bios and reboot. Not sure what is the issue, but it happend to me second time already.

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    have you try to change your network cable or plug network cable to other port

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    Try To Update LAN or Wireless Adaptor Drivers.

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    It might be your motherboard. Try using a pci network card and see if that helps. Unless you are using wifi then it might be the wifi adapter.

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