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Thread: Which forum script you like most ??

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    Question Which forum script you like most ??

    There are many forum script. Some of them are free and some of them paid. Lets share our opinion about our favorite forum script. I hope you all will join me.

    I like MyBB forum script. There are many reason for this. I want to share some reason. First its free and easy to install. It's very easy to mange. There are many free/paid plugins and theme for MyBB.
    I love MyBB forum script.

    Let me know about your choice .

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    I dont have experience with MyBB, but i do have with PHPBB, Vbulletin and Simple Machines Forum.

    PHPBB is most spreaded free forum script i think, with huge community which is big advantage.
    Simplemachines is not much good, many outdated plugins, hard to manage.
    vBulletin is the best for serious big communities i think. I quite regret i installed phpbb and not isntalled vbulletin. I think people like vbulletin much. The vbulletin support community is huuge and helpfull, alot of mods for almost any purpose.. Xenforo is also popular and pretty, but paid.

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