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Thread: How to buy !

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    Question How to buy !

    I want to buy a domain name . I am trying my best but I could not buy any domain name. Because when I am trying to pay money through my Paypal account the domain registration company want Credit or Debit card. In this time I don't have any credit or debit card. Can anybody tell me where I can buy domain name without any credit or debit card ???

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    Hi, when im paying via Paypal there is an form to fill my address etc, i click something like i have paypal, or login. Then i can pay without need of credit card. Make sure you have enough money on paypal.

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    I have only $10 USD in my paypal account. In godaddy .info domain for only $6 for first year. So I think I have enough money in my paypal account. I already fill up the address form.

    One question........ Can I buy web hosting with domain from your hosting site without any credit or debit card ??

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