Hi, i have been using old free LiveZilla software (i dont recommend this software to anyone, commercial and ignorants behind it), so im looking for an alternative.

Please is there any free or opensource software, which allows embeding chat window on website and have client Windows software, or sends messages to instant messenger (for the operator to respond)?

So far, i found these:
http://zopim.com (free version, 1 operator, no IM support, select old legacy look for better conversions)
https://www.zoho.com (free, Google talk XMPP support) here is how to setup IM support
https://firehosechat.com (free+paid, agent apps: iOS, Android, Mac, WebApp)
http://livehelperchat.com (open source, IM gtalk XMPP support !,harder to install)
http://mibew.org/ (opensource, but no IM support)
https://www.mylivechat.com (no IM support, has win/android app)
http://www.helpcenterlive.com/ (opensource, quite abandoned development)
http://www.formilla.com/features-and-pricing.aspx (free 30 chats/month, gtalk integration)
(spammers and ignorants, 30 chats/month max. can be too low)
http://codologic.com/page/ (only web based backoffice)
https://www.tawk.to/ (Android,Windows app, no IM support or desktop app)

I prefer to accept chats via Linux/Widows app or instant messaging app/IRC because mobile chatting is slow and web panels is waste of resources while one accept around one chat daily or some days not at all.

Another similar services: http://internetlifeforum.com/customer-service/67-best-chat-system-customer-website/