i have a scrapebox software, so if you need any of the following services, i will probably be able to help you.

Sometimes it is not effective to do all job yourself, offsource the time consuming jobs and dedicate your time into the things you are best in.

The services i do:

- Scrape website URLs from searche ngine according to certain keywords / niche
- Links list manipulation, sorting, croping, merging, splitting, getting pagerank, extract backlinks, extracting another webpage attributes.
- whois works, domain avaialbility check
- blog posting
- forum posting
- offering up to date proxy list
- trackback posting, rss submission, referrer spam, whois site submission (whois backlinks)
- checking URL list if backlinks found, if site returns 200 code (is online)
- URL list dofollow links checking
- extracting URLs from sitemap
- whois scraping
- email scraping from website list
- mass url list shortening (bulk url shorteninbg)

And more related jobs. Please contact me to talk what you need and how i can help. Thank you for your time.