Wordpress blog posts can have comments enabled and SPAM bots may add thousands and thousands of posts.

So to load such blog post page can take alot of time (procesor time).

On the hosting such Wordpress page can be unnecessarilly overloading server because of loading too much comments.

Here are tips to decrease load on such overspammed page:

1. Set pagging of the comments in Wordpress settings. It can be somewhere on Discussion/Comments page in Wordpress Settings.
One can set this in mysql database directly, i login PHPMyAdmin, click wp_options table, Show all rows and find row with "page_comments" it was empty in my case, so i set to 1
This alone will enable paging, default 50 comments per page, to read more comments, one should click link to show older comments. If want to set different number of comments per page, edit setting "comments_per_page"

2. Delete wordpress comments, some ideas here

3. Apply good antispam plugin. I use plugin "Anti-Spam"