When i was trying to create Virtualizor managed VPS from within WHMCS, i received error "Please specify atleast one IP for the VPS".

How can i solve this?

Update: i went into Virtualizor and edited the VPS "Plan" and set it so it contain one IPv4. Error was away.

When i set VPS to have "internal" IP, then the error is:

"Please correct the Plan with the right slave server name. There is no slave server - auto<br>*Following servers were excluded - <br>*localhost - Required number of Internal IPs : 1 and I support :"

so i set back internal IPs in Virtualizor/Plans/VPS plan to zero and it worked to create VPS.

At other circumstance, following error can appear:

No server found which fits in the criteria for your vps configuration : <br>*Following servers were excluded - <br>*localhost - Space Required : 5 and I support : 0<br>*Please correct the Plan with the right slave server name. No server present in the Server Group which has the resources required as per the parameters set and is of the Virtualization Type - openvz
This error was solved by going to Virtualizor / Storage Overview / editting OpenVZ Storage and setting it as a Primary. If yours complains about KVM, then set KVM as Primary.

PS: Virtualizor WHMCS logs are in Utilities -> Logs -> Activity Logs