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Thread: Banned at WebHostingTalk?

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    Banned at WebHostingTalk?

    Have you been banned at Web Hosting Talk?
    If you wish please share your experience or ideas, what You have learned?

    Beware Web Hosting Talk, because they can ban you no matter how many posts you have and months spent on their site. Web Hosting Talk ban would not be an issue unless:

    - they disable your signature so the days, weeks of your time is wasted
    - they obfuscate your company url so the days, weeks of your time is wasted
    - they do not delete your posts on request. All your posts is their property.
    - they dont give second chance

    I got idea to bulk spam their mailboxes (help[email protected]) from bulk anonymous email addresses with random requests To name the ignorants behind WHT support: (Bear, Mike). These thief ignorants wasted weeks of my time.
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    I thought webhostingtalk had their lesson but i was wrong so stop posting their truth feature

    They deleted my Thread which helps me post

    I guess they buy lot of Traffice that why they have good ranking and full of them self

    They are supported by powerful people i heard

    They still have a alex rank of 999

    These are one of the 2 big sites i hate
    Scum site Webhostingtalk
    Scum site Thepiratebay

    Stay away from them they do not deserve traffice who donot care of their members

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    Hate to bump a thread, especially after almost three years.

    I've had a horrible experience with WHT, to the point I considered filing a lawsuit. Bear is the most condescending guy on the helpdesk, when you call them out on it they flip out like they don't understand their idiocy.

    I was banned for the dumbest thing too. I asked to have my account and posts deleted after, which they banned my account and didn't delete the posts. When I tried to come back they just made tons of trouble. Obviously that is a short version of the story.

    I've been working on an alternative to their site, just hasn't gotten much traction yet...

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    Bear is a complete twat and clearly suffers from dunning-kruger effect and delusions of grandeur, which is quite common for forum/group moderators who are complete losers in real life and being a moderator is the only way they will ever have any power over other people.

    I very rarely posted on the site because of him, as he just deletes everything and bans people for no reason. He will then target you and intentionally just delete anything/everything you post.
    I have to constantly signup with different email addresses.

    The most recent exchange with him was quite entertaining.
    I told him he was a f*cking twat, and he got quite upset about that and threatened to ban me.
    So I gave him a life lesson and told him if he did not like being called a "f*cking twat" then perhaps he should stop acting like a "f*cking twat" and then he won't have to hear those words anymore.
    He threw his toys out of the pram big time, just as I knew he would and banned me.
    5 minutes later I was signed up with another username :-)

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