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Thread: Getting banned on forums for posting ontopic links?

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    Getting banned on forums for posting ontopic links?

    Im quite frustrated out of this.

    I surelly want to promote my website, probably same as you. So i find some topic at external forum and i make a post there refering people to another forum thread (my forum) that there is posted a solution to the issue.

    And i get persecuted by moderators of that forum telling me not to post promotion links?

    I really dont understand this, because its my natural attitude to help people and to promote my website (i need money to live). I cant remember every forum rules, and posting helpfull link is really natural for me.

    I just get banned and my time wasted. im quite hopeless in this

    possible answer: I will continue posting helpfull & ontopic post/links because i believe its good for the forum members and me.

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    Is this useful / helpfull? Yes | No
    I agree with you, It is quite natural to help the people with useful link where it is possible. But in some forums the rules are so strict and moderators ban users without even giving a warning. It is hurting and wastes time and efforts, although you were just trying to help the people with the useful solution. I agree with your opinion. Keep doing great work. I appreciate your efforts to help other people.

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