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Thread: Way to increase eCommerce site sells?

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    Make sure your site has simple navigation and attractive design. Also, don't forget about search engine optimization.

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    seo for your business

    Of course, i recommend SEO to promote business

    #1. Add contacts

    #2. Optimize meta titles and descriptions

    #3. Integrate with Google My Business
    Together with the verification checkmark, you get 25% of the ranking factors. A company’s presence and activity in Google My Business is an additional signal for higher ranking in Google. It also has credibility among users.

    #4. Get reviews

    #5. Create targeted content
    Know your target audience and stay aware of what these people are interested in.

    #6. Work on a PR strategy
    Increased recognition and higher local ranking can be the result of posting press releases, articles, and blog posts in popular local media. Launching a local PR campaign is an effective way to attract the attention of an audience from a certain region.

    #7. Mobile-friendly design
    A lot has been said about mobile optimization. Nevertheless, potential clients often use gadgets on-the-go to look for local businesses. Both humans and crawlers will appreciate it.

    #8. Analysis of competitors

    Start a website with free website templates make your SEO efforts more successful from the very beginning. All templates come in mobile friendly-design and are easily consumed by Google crawlers. Pay more attention to studying your audience instead of setting up the basic SEO settings.

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    These are the ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates:
    1. Use high quality images and video on your product pages.
    2. Offer free shipping.
    3. Provide limited time coupon codes.
    4. Be competitively priced.
    5. Tweak and test your ecommerce checkout process.
    6. Use cart abandonment software.
    7. Use live chat software.

    We have employed these methods to solve the conversion rates problem for our products like QuickBooks Enterprise solutions.

    I hope this helps!

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    Use high quality images and video on your product pages.
    Offer free shipping.
    Provide limited time coupon codes.
    Be competitively priced.
    Tweak and test your ecommerce checkout process.
    Use cart abandonment software.
    Use live chat software.

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    Of course from a website design point of view user experience is very important there are this is the first step. create a website that is fast, easy to navigate, and find what you are looking for.
    Looks attractive and is not full of content that's not relevant to your target audience.
    Then comes the second part of an eCommerce website... the actual convincing the client that your product is the best value, note how I say value and not price.
    This can be done on the product page with specifications extra services and also always have top-notch images on your website and multiple images of a product.
    If you deliver have a delivery FAQ that is clear and concise to the user. If a user is going to send many over the internet they want to know how their product is getting to them.
    Trust is also very important so reviews reviews reviews and testimonials are also needed on e-commerce websites more than any other type of website design

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