What is the Cost of Creating a Website in South Africa?
When clients ask about web design pricelists it's very often that we get one of the following requests. A request for a web design price list pdf. What is the cost of a 5-page website? What are our web developer's hourly rates? How much does it cost to build a website for a small business? and of course, can we see your affordable website design packages? Some clients will also enjoy the use of a website design price calculator.

Website design prices in South Africa vary from R1,000 – R50,000+: You can’t figure it out with just a simple question of “How much does it cost to design a website?” when there are many variables included in the quote such as:

Programming Language

Website Developer Experience

The website Type such as a static HTML Website or a dynamic website.

The Content management system or framework that was used in development such as WordPress, Laravel, or Symphony to name a few.

When you’re thinking of getting a website design done for yourself or your company, you will likely be looking for the best pricing from a reputable website design company or qualified freelancer.

Pricing can come in many different payment options such as:

It is important to remember as a business a website is an extension of your business and therefore your purchase of one is an investment in your business. Cheaper websites are not always the best quality and the most expensive websites are not always fairly priced. So how do you know what the cost of a website should be?

Whilst we cannot produce an exact quote offhand. A meeting with a website design company or web developer to outline important details ( which we will list in full below ) such as the goal of the website and the functionality it requires should lead to the design company creating a scope for the website design project which will result in a quote.