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Thread: Google and web design niche website.

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    Google and web design niche website.

    You know we get alot of warning on how google will penalise your website if it over optimises on backlink keywords. Or repeating keywords on the same website. Or duplicate content.
    SO let me give you an example one of the keywords I work on is - web design east london -
    I have seen websites all following this same tactic they will fill their footers with :
    Web design east london
    Web design ( another city )...
    ect ect.
    Easily about 20 of them and they rank well.
    When you click in these said links it will be the exact same content on each page except replacing the name of the city.
    It baffles me that google does not penalise these websites. Ive been to the webmaster central forum and asked around and get the same answer they always give, google will pick it up sooner or later.
    This is however not good enough because they do this for four months maybe ranking well and in that time they have prepared another site should they get penalised effectively running at the top of search results under different names.

    At the same time business directories rank well for this very same reason yet when I think about it they arent in my opinion doing anything thats wrong I mean they are nationwide.

    Its a confusing situiation. I do believe that google talks alot about penalties to scare us and many are overated. It almost seems as if all they really care about is their paid advertising.\

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    Thank you for the information.

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    Some of the websites that will help you to understand the Google algorithm are:
    1. Moz blog
    2. Ahrefs blog
    3. Backlinko
    4. Hubspot blogs

    The web design niche blogs that I follow are:
    1. FreeCodecamps
    2. Flauntmydesign.

    I hope this helps!

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