VPS hosting uses virtualized servers and allocates each user an independent virtual environment. In this type of web hosting, users do not share server resources such as RAM, CPU, etc. with other users as we see in shared hosting services.
VPS hosting is created via the virtualization process and designs the virtual replica of a physical server. It is capable of offering better server performance, security, resources, and customization than shared web hosting.
You have probably passed over the initial step of choosing VPS hosting. And now you’re confused about which operating system you should go with?
Well, when it comes to operating systems for VPS hosting, you have two options available i.e. Windows-based VPS Hosting and Linux based VPS Hosting.
Both hosting systems are different in various ways. Linux VPS Hosting runs on Linux operating system and It is an open-source operating system, with which you get free software availability. Moreover, you are allowed to use them, alter them and redistribute them effortlessly. While Best Windows VPS Hosting runs on Windows operating system created by Microsoft.