I have an OpenVZ VPS a few months (2019,2018) with Alpharacks.
The price/value is good.
Sometimes their antiabuse system (Nodewatch) stopped my VPS due excessive number of network connections.
The service is stable, good uptime. Disk speed is good. Network speed OK.
1TB+ traffic per month not a problem.
Order via Tor and pay Bitcoin which is a nice advantage, thank you.
Disadvantage i am facing while using the VPS as a VPN server is that some sites require filling alot of google recaptchas and some webservers deny access because they recognize "Bothost and/or Server Farm. Not an access provider ISP (HN-0084). Quadranet, not an access provider (ASN-29761-***)."

Update: there can be found some negative reviews about the company so be cautious