This is my review of the VPS service.

It was working a few weeks, then it stopped without them explaining anything, then i contacted them and was trying to bring service up, i was trying around one month with many messages, then i discovered they have network problem. Then another 2 months of wasting time and they ignoring like 50% of my support ticket replies closing the ticket. After like 3 months of a downtime i got them to setup new VPS, they setup it in different virtualization with different parameters, without any word or apology.

Overall, stay away from and services related to them.
I think they are either retarded or blatant ignorant when it comes to supporting their clients on technical side of the things.

I have never used so bad provider like x3host, i can not say they are thiefs, but they are very near the scam and was banned on lowendtalk forums.

Their offers are too good to be the truth, only waste your money with them if you are OK to loose them + your time.