Hello, is there anyone who knows how to use SPICE console in Proxmox?

What i found is that one have to create VM the way that on the Hard disk tab is the Virtio set as a BUS/Device and Write back set as a Cache on same tab and on the Network tab, use Virtio model. Once VM was created, click it and on the Hardware tab set SPICE as a Display driver. They say so here.

Then according to that page https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/SPICE#OS_specific_settings_for_VM , one may need to download & install some client software, i found https://virt-manager.org

They are also telling that on Linux, the required qxl driver is part of the xorg package so maybe one need to run this on the proxmox server (or on the VM?):
apt-get install xorg (yum install xorg)

Anyone tried it and found a way to make the SPICE console working?

I found that No VNC console in Proxmox is not accepting mouse because i have touch screen on my computer.