please how to fix this so following error does not happen upon creatign new OpenVZ VPS using certain OS template?

VM creation has failed. Reason:  tar  var/lib/rpm/Filedigests  Wrote  only 6144 of 10240 bytes tar  var/lib/rpm/Basenames  Cannot write  Disk  quota exceeded tar  var/lib/rpm/Sigmd5  Cannot write  Disk quota  exceeded tar  var/lib/rpm/__db.004 ...   Cannot create  symlink to  `/usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/20-unhint-small-dejavu-sans-mono.conf'   Disk quota exceeded tar  Exiting with failure status due to previous  errors vps-create ERROR  Unpack  /vz/template/cache/centos-6-x86-KloxoMR-7.tar.gz failed Creation of  container private area failed  
When i used different template it worked to create VPS and then i used rebuild function of the HyperVM to install the OS template that was failing, but the rebuild not resulted in failure unlike the initial setup...

The VPS used disk space is reported as 2.1G and the host server disk space is 5.1G. The only available tmpfs mount point has 1.9G of space (/dev/shm)
I have feeling that it has to do with tmp partition or the defined destination where the VPS files are extracted from an OS template...