ZBBlock is the system to block bad bots so they do not eat traffic, post spam and more. http://spambotsecurity.com/zbblock.php

How we can install zbblock into vBulletin forum (or other CMS/script)?

In file manager i created new folder zbblock12656 in my vbulletin (you can use other CMS/script) root folder and downloaded there latest zbblock .tar / .zip archive from their site.

cd /home/me/public_html
mkdir zbblock12656
cd zbblock12656
wget http://www.spambotsecurity.com/files/zbblock_0_4_10a3.tar.gz
tar xzf *

i go to http://mydomain.com/zbblock12656/setup.php

if error 500, make sure zbblock folder has 755 permissions and files 644 permissions. Then setup.php returns a line of code that i inserted into global.php file. At the first line before <?php:

head -n 1 ../global.php
<?php require('/home/me/public_html/zbblock12656/zbblock.php'); ?><?php

I googled "zbblock vbulletin" and found people including zbblock into global.php file and it is working for me. Someone found zbblock to be too much aggressive in blocking and included zbblock only in register.php and login.php script. If you have other CMS/script like wordpress etc., google your script/CMS name and add word "zbblock; or if you are skilled, just find file right php file that is always called when webpage you wish to protect, is generated.

To see who was blocked, access http://mydomain.com/zbblock12656/vault/killed_log.txt
You will see 403 Forbidden error. To allow anyone (even bots) access that killed_log.txt, add following new lines at the end of the file /zbblock12656/vault/.htaccess:
<Files killed_log.txt>
allow from all
To configure ZBBlock, edit file /zbblock12656/vault/zbblock.ini
Here edit variable e_mail (i used non spambot format of e-mail: my-email-com) and also variable ip_origin in case you are using cloudflare or incapsula.

Here is the full manual of the zbblock: http://www.spambotsecurity.com/files/ZB_Block_Manual.pdf#page=7 (configuration at page 15)