How to upgrade from vb4 to vb5 ?

vb5 has different files so it is new installation, not overwriting files

- One loose vb4 plugins (unless that plugin has vb5 version and is manually installed again)
- what about attachments and avatars, discover how to copy these to vb5
- Some requirements: PHP 7.1+ & MySQL 5.5.8+ (more:
- upgrade from v.4 took like 1 hour on medium size forum (100MB database)

My steps, how i did it:
Create new subdomain on your existing forum, for example named "vb5"
Create new database
Backup vb4 database and import it into newly created vb5 database. If is too big, check (in the php sql importer script define vb5 db details $filename and $max_query_lines = 300; set to 30000)
Download vBulletin 5.x.x and extract the archive.
Upload contents of the upload/ directory that is found within extracted files into vb5 directory on your hosting.
Rename /vb5/core/includes/ to config.php and edit it to use your newly created mysql details (NOT your vb4 details)
Rename /vb5/config.php.bkp to /vb5/config.php
Rename /vb5/htaccess.txt to /vb5/.htaccess
Go to https://vb5.yourdomain.tld/core/install/upgrade.php
After installation, check and solve issues displayed on the top of the admin area
What about attachments and avatars (these are no longer there right?)