How to fix the issue when vBulletin forum is redirecting from the home page index to the profile.php?do=dst ?

Some people advise to add $vboptions[bburl] before the /profile.php?do=dst
in the footer template (AdminCP / Styles & Templates / Search in Templates / search for "profile.php?do=dst" and then in the footer template find the line with "profile.php?do=dst"). Now it's performing the dst correctly.

Did you tried this?


Another suggestion was to open up your footer template and find:

<form action="profile.php?do=dst" method="post" name="dstform">

..and under it add:

<input type="hidden" name="securitytoken" value="$bbuserinfo[securitytoken]" />


Yet another work around is following line into .htaccess file (in forum root):

Redirect 301 /profile.php