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Thread: The best social networking sites

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    The best social networking sites

    Today we live in a time of social media, as we cannot find a mobile phone without applications that allow communication via the internet. We even went too far and spent most of our time in front of our phone screens, and some of us reached the point of addiction. This has arranged several risks to our lifestyle, namely the lack of social life and verbal communication with those around us. Despite criticism of social media, the latter have many benefits, and a major contribution to globalization. Here we review a list of the best and most popular social networking applications and websites that are used the most according to the "abcnewspoint" website.

    1- Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular site ever. It is allowed to publish pictures and opinions, and to send friends. This site was initially restricted to students of Harvard University, where Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, was a student there. Then this site soon spread to the whole world.

    2- Twitter

    Twitter is the second most popular social media site in the world, allowing its users to write and read tweets. However, these tweets are short. The site was launched in 2006, and currently has about 500 million users, including celebrities and politicians who use it to keep their followers informed of their latest news and activities. This site is responsible for launching the hashtag (#) and is a symbol of the most common words. Before Twitter, the hashtag was used only for numbers on phones.

    3- LinkedIn

    Linkedin is the third most popular website in the world for professionals, as it is devoted to job creation. The site was established in December of 2002, and was officially launched on May 5 of 2003. More than 259 million people use this site from nearly 200 different countries until 2013, and it is available in twenty languages.

    4- Pinterest

    Pinterest allows its users to select a specific page or site and comment on their list. This site is used for storage, collection and exchange. Items that are saved are called "beans", that is, pins. Pinterest also allows to follow the interests of friends and family members. In February 2013, its number of users was 48.7 million, and it is on the rise.

    5- Google Plus

    Google owns the Google Plus application, which allows its users to create a page of their own containing their photos, personal information, such as a CV. It also allows users to share photos with friends as well. It also includes a "Plus 1" button similar to the "Like" button on Facebook.

    6- Tumblr

    David Carp created Tumblr in 2006. Users can post their photos, videos and text as a short blog. They can also exchange links with other users. The hashtag (#) is the best way to keep track of what a user has posted. Currently, Templar has more than 213 million bloggers.

    7- Instagram

    Instagram is used to exchange photos and videos over the phone. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrum created and launched it six years ago in October 2010. Currently, the site has more than 300 million users. And users can link their account on "Instagram" to their accounts on other sites such as "Facebook" and "Twitter", so that the image is published on various sites at the same time. Since the creation of Instagram, several trends have sprung up, such as the ancestor, Throwback, that has fueled weekend activities.

    8- VK

    A Russian website is also used in Europe. Although it is available in several languages, Russian is the most common language. The site currently includes more than 280 million people, and is used mainly for the purpose of messaging, and exchanging messages, pictures, videos, texts, maps, files ... It also enables users to publish news and articles from magazines and express their admiration for them.

    9- Flickr

    It allows its users to post pictures and videos, this site was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. It now includes more than 87 million users until 2013. The site offers three types of accounts: the first is free with a limited storage space, the second is free and in the same space but without ads, the third It offers twice the space.

    10- Vine

    The site was founded in June of 2012, and since then it has allowed its users to edit, record and download 5 to 6 seconds movies. Users can follow each other and republish what others have posted. Also, they can post the video on both Twitter and Facebook at the same time.
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    Thank. This is interesting information for me. I would like to know more about how to get more followers on instagram. What do you think, what can I do to make the new Instagram account more popular?

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    Hey, Alex.
    Thanks, for sharing an amazing brief about the best & leading social media sites. I mostly prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram for social media advertising.

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    Hello friend,
    social media site in the world are so big

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    Some of the best social networking sites you can use to enhance your career and boost your job search, plus tips for using social media to get hired.

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    Social Networking Sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, and few more.

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    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for sharing this precious list of the best social networking sites.

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