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Thread: Healthureum - Revolutionize Global Healthcare Standards Unveiled

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    Healthureum - Revolutionize Global Healthcare Standards Unveiled

    New Blockchain-Implemented Project, Dubbed ‘Healthureum,' that is set to Revolutionize Global Healthcare Standards Unveiled

    It is no news that the current healthcare standards in the world at large still leave a lot to be desired. But the good news is that this set to change very soon, thanks to the inception of a comprehensive multi-pronged healthcare management solution on the blockchain.

    The project, which is dubbed as Healthureum, will be implemented on the already successful Etherueum open-source platform while employing blockchain technology as its underlying operational backbone. And as expected for a project of its scale, Healthureum will be executed using a progressive milestone-based approach over the next two to three years. Once fully implemented, Project Healthureum is expected to make the elusive vision of 'affordable and quality healthcare for all' a reality. In fact, experts in different niches revolving around the focus of the project have already hailed it as just what the world needs to turn around the failing prospects of the current healthcare industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX0uWV1utbg

    Speaking at the launch, one of the key members of the elite team overseeing the Healthureum initiative described the undertaking as 'a daring venture into uncharted waters with the premise of bringing unprecedented change to an industry riddled with glaring disparity.'

    Still, the all-new Project Healthureum has a quite a long way to go, considering that it's presently its toddler stage. Its upcoming Pre TGE launch - which early interested parties are encouraged to participate in - is seen by many as the official kickoff ceremony that will set the ball rolling in the right direction. How this pans out in the near future remains to be seen.

    More information at https://www.healthureum.io/


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