i found OnApp cloud, it has some alternatives too, but this thread is about OnApp Cloud.

On App cloud page: http://onapp.com/cloud/

Is OnApp cloud too expensive? They want $10 per CPU core... Or how does it work?

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Customer: : how can i use onapp?
Customer: : on linux centos
OnAppCloud: OnApp is a software that sits on your hardware, allowing you to create a highly available cloud environment
OnAppCloud: And so much more
OnAppCloud: http://onapp.com/products/
OnAppCloud: If you have questions please contact *@onapp.com
OnAppCloud: Thank you
Customer: : can i use onapp on VPS?
OnAppCloud: No, onapp must run on hardware
OnAppCloud: http://onapp.com/cloud/requirements/
Customer: : what means number of clouds?
Customer: : 1 (free)
Customer: : hypervisor cores is number of virtual cpus?
OnAppCloud: A cloud refers to your license with onapp. It's on a physical server called the Controller Server, under that you can have multiple physical servers, called hypervisors, where you provision Virtual servers etc from.
OnAppCloud: Cores is the number of cores in the processor on the hypervisor server. I.e. Dual-quad core server = 8
Customer: : 16 cores limit, that useless
OnAppCloud: quite
Customer: : 500gb disk, useless too
OnAppCloud: indeed, this is why we have a free version and a FULL version
OnAppCloud: the full version allows you to use what you wish
OnAppCloud: 100 cores, 100000 cores
OnAppCloud: etc
Customer: : i dont know how much it cost
Customer: : but if you suck 10 usd per core, thats quite alot
OnAppCloud: it depends on what you are selling. If you are overselling cores then it's cheap
OnAppCloud: so if you are selling mass market Virtual machines and you have 4 VMs per core its cheap
OnAppCloud: What are you looking to do with the onapp software?
Customer: : a hosting, cpanel, or linux VPSs
Customer: : but i wont pay you 10usd per one of my cpu core
Customer: : that is too much
OnAppCloud: Have you explored all onapp features?
OnAppCloud: it's much more than a control panel
OnAppCloud: Also, are you overselling the cpu on the VPS you plan to sell?
OnAppCloud: Please also consider what else you get for that $10/core.
OnAppCloud: You can see this here: http://onapp.com/pricing/
Customer: : thank you for help
Customer: : i will write it down
What do you think, is OnApp cloud worth money, If your server have 8 cores, its 80USD, isnt that too much?