just want to share this famous opportunity for webmasters to monetize their website content.

How it works?

1. Register on Skimlinks.com
2. add their javascript code to your website code
3. words and links are automatically converted into affiliate links (more than 18,000 various affiliate programs)

My website visitor click the link (called affilaite link) and if he buy something, i can get small comission out of that.

Skimlinks Sumary: Thanks to huge amount of affiliate programs in Skimlinks and automatic insertion of affiliate links based on Javascript (Search engines does not read it which is positive) i think Skimlinks is perfect opportunity to monetize a website.

I got paid from Skimlinks several times in 2015. PayPal payment, from Skimbit Ltd
September 30,2015 - Skimbit Ltd sent you €8.05 EUR
November 30,2015 - Skimbit Ltd sent you €32.77 EUR