if your site shows Bandwidth limit exceeded error message, it means that your site transfered more data than your hosting plan allows You. So you need to contact your hosting provider and upgrade to better hosting plan, or use advice as this one:

Your site http://xyxyxyxyxyxyx.com transfered 4gb of data transfer yesterday. It is 4x30=120gb monthly. This exceeds all Default Parallels Plesk Panel Page hosting plans.

Screenshot of Your bandwidth history:

Im sending You some ideas what to do with Your site:

1. from clientarea buy our 256MB VPS product for $5 monthy. You will get this control panel: http://tutorials.securesignup.net/db/mysql-database-server.png and your bandwidth will NOT be limited. You will need to manually transfer your website files (FTP) and mysql database to this new hosting account or just let me know then so i will do it for you. You can then let expire your current plans or ask partial refund for them. How to proceed? Order VPS, i will send You VPS control panel details and ask you if you need help with moving files. Your current hosting plans will still be runing untill we move your TweetFam site.

2. Upgrade Your current cPanel hosting plan to a bigger one with 200gb data transfer for $10 monthly. In such case just please let me know and i will prepare the plan.

3. Stop using autosurf systems

4. load some images, files from another hosting or content delivery network (CDN)

5. host this website with another hosting