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Thread: Do you gamble?

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    Do you gamble?

    Have you ever made money from such games?

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    i gambled binary options, i earned and then lost everything
    in case of roulette i also lost it, but decided to withdraw at least some remains.
    i also tried poker, but it is addictive and majority of people us not able to make steady income.
    I do not suggest gambling. Earn money some good way like real job.

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    Yes, I like gambling but playing such games is worth only for fun. It's known that all this industry and structure of machines are made for making players lose, not win so getting money in this way is always a luck and surprise. But that doesn't mean that you can't win at all, personally I like gambling too and from my own experience I can say that it's possible even more often that is usually expected but such prizes are rather small. If you want to get big money in a casino, than it's really a bad idea because you'll definetely lose much more and it's not guaranteed that you'll win at least everything after all.
    In my case I like poker, casino and sport bettings the most of all. I play such games rather often but mostly for fun and I always control my budget for them. Anyway I was lucky to win money in them not for once too
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    I did and often. But you should not think that it is some magic field where you will only be winning. Only fools believe so. You can lose sometimes too. The key to success is to choose the right place and play wisely, meaning that you come and play regularly, your bets are small and you never stake your last money or all your money. Just enjoy the games and life. Because it is fun!

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    Hello. Probably everything comes with experience, as well as the ability to gamble, but of course you can not exclude the factor of luck. I now play in one online casino where the initial Deposit can be made even one dollar and plus I had a welcome bonus. I've already caught up with my winnings to ten dollars in a couple of days. Here's a look at this review website:

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    tạp dề bếp đẹp 2019 MỚI NHẤT

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