How to install and manage Zeronet on Linux via command line

1. Download and extract zeronet archive

2. Run ZeroNet:

cd ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/
Start with: ./
Open the ZeroHello landing page in your browser by navigating to:

screen (optional command, in case you need to reuse current shell session/tab)

detach the screen (if used): Ctrl+A, then "d" key
reattach the screen (if used): screen -r

Got an error:
[08:25:14] TorManager Tor controller connect error: error: [Errno 111] Connection refused in line 170 > line 344
[08:25:14] TorManager Starting self-bundled Tor, due to Tor proxy port check error: No connection
To launch ZeroNet again, probably use this command: path/to/ZeroBundle/

I got errors:
ERROR:root:Unhandled exception: No module named gevent
ImportError: No module named msgpack

To fix it i installed missing python modules: sudo apt-get install python-gevent python-msgpack
On CentOS, it was: yum install python-gevent python-msgpack;

To run ZeroNet on background add " &" after the earlier mentioned command.

To autorun ZeroNet at boot, one may try "crontab -e" and add new line:
@reboot path/to/ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/ &
(replace "path/to" by real path to ZeroNet directory. It can be /home/username)

To kill zeronet, i would try: pkill -f ZeroNet

Download site manually via command line: python siteDownload AddressHere

Having public IP and want to manage this ZeroNet instance over internet?

Try to edit ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/zeronet.conf

and below line [global]
add new lines:
ui_ip = *
ui_port = 80

The third line is optional and you have to enable password plugin: mv -v ~/ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/plugins/disabled-UiPassword ~/ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/plugins/UiPassword