Hello, if You are looking for european or USA server with around 16GB RAM and Quadcore CPU, this might be handy offer for you.

I got this request:
"I am searching a server for my VPN service. Would be nice to have 1 Gbps connection, unlimited traffic (fair use if possible) and a quad core with 16 gb ram" ... "Russia/Romania/Czesky/Poland/Ukraine/..."

I promissed to send an offer, here it is:

The lowest priced european quad-core, 16GB ram, 1gbit server i can offer you is $250. 100mbit server at $150 monthly
USA server 32gb (16gb not avail.) at 1gbit for $200

If France/US VPS would be sufficing for you, then the price for Quadcore,16GB ram and 100mbit shared. is $90 monthly https://instantcpanelhosting.com/cart.php?gid=4

Please let me know if you have any ideas, questions.

Thank you,