OpenVZ IPv6 ready? is it possible to add subnet to a VPS/VM?

At ICPH node server, there is OpenVZ virtualization installed so i can do everything up to OpenVZ limits.

I never tried to assign more than one IPv6 to a virtual machine (VPS), so i cant tell if it will work.

I cant guarantee you will be able to use this wide /64 subnet of IPv6, if you find the way how to assign such subnet to an OpenVZ virtual machine, i will gladly assign it to you. But so far i have found only tutorial on how to assign one IPv6: ;
There is interesting info on how to assign range:

Please anyone know how to handle IPv6 on OpenVZ, assign whole range and setup linux to connect SSH?

PS: here im creating OpenVZ IPv6 setup tutorial on how to assign IPv6 at all