Hi, having remote desktop With MS Windows 2008 or similar can be opportunity to use its dedicated disk space for FTP backup purposes! I wanted to setup my cpanel hosting account backups for this new "remote FTP"... This guide should help you set FTP server (FTP account) on your Windows computer with permanent IP.

Enabling FTP service in Windows

Im not sure if this step (paragraph) is necessary, you may try skipping this step first.. So what i did was going to click "This computer" icon and selecting "Manage", or you may go other way into server manager. There you find "Services", In services, there should be long list of services running or just residing on your Windows computer. click on some service and hit "F" key to move to service starting with letter F. Find "FTP publishing service" or similar FTP service, edit it and let it automatically start + start it immediatelly.

Download FTP server app for your windows

Then download some Windows 32bit or 64bit software for FTP server. I used freeware called "TYPSoft FTP server", it works under 64bit windows. just extracted ZIP file, launched its .exe and then start server. It may tell FTP port is already used. Now you should use you FTP server software and in its configuration set another not used port lik: 210 or similar. default is 21.

Then in your FTP server software create new username, set folder for FTP storage, and in my case in "TYPSoft FTP server" i forgot to tick permission options for deleting, uploading files so it wont worked first time.

Next thing you should note when setting UP an connection to your newly created FTP storage is Passive or Active file trransfer type. In my case when set FTP connection thru Total commander, Active connection did not worked, i had to set Passive (as web browser)

Hope this guide helps, and you will like this post.
Your comments, ideas most welcome!