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Thread: How dedicated cloud works?

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    How dedicated cloud works?

    One webhosting company in our country has server with like 200 cores and more than 4TB of ram. It is a cloud and they offer me quite good priced VDS. (Virtual Dedicated Server)

    Im curious how such a big "cloud" works. Is it some huge machine or just few racks of standard servers some way joined together?

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    Cloud, specially IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) uses the concept of Virtual Machine. It means, that the customer of cloud uses a Control Server/Panel to create its own virtual machine. It is called dedicated Cloud, because the resources are dedicated. For instance, when the customer wants to create a Virtual Machine, the customer can assign dedicated resources like RAM, CPUs, and Disk to the Virtual Machine.
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    Each dedicated server in the cloud helps in fetching out a specific set of detail and in the case not success of dedicated cloud server move on temporarily based to get on back up to supply the needed sources.

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    Well dedicated cloud hosting works in different way there are cluster of computing power which make it the most secure and reliable solution among all the hosting type. Basically cloud hosting is like old fashion main frame computer with massive resources which are virtual distributed among all the users. Cheers.

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