When created new VM from hyperVM (OpenVZ hypervisor) i got this:

"VM creation has failed. Reason: Private area already exists in /home/vps/170 Creation of container private area failed"
What is the reason of this failure? My VM id im trying to create is 170 and i found that there is 170.conf.destroyed file containing details of 160 vm id.. how is that possible and how can i fix it to create new VM properly please?

At the end I was able to make new VM creation work by deleting VM from hypervm and then renaming files mentioned at the bottom of this post (/etc/vz/conf/VMIDOFFAILEDVPS.conf.destroyed, /home/vz/private/VMIDOFFAILEDVPS) But stillwe need to know why this happen and old VM files remained there and why it was marked conf.destroyed ?