How to prevent phishing people create an hosting accounts in your company? i have WHMCS billing system andcpanel.


My reseller acc. got suspended at Hostgator after around 3 phishing reports. Yes, and they stolen my money for years i preordered. Never use this ignorant company.

Now at Namecheap, after 3 phishing reports i got a message my reseller account can be suspended. So i dont know what to do. How to disallow phishing people to abuse my reseller?


- move to company which never suspend your reseller, but suspend automatically violating sub-accounts (i preffer this)
- install some antivirus on cpanel?
- add some Mod to whmcs, which?
- move to bulletproof server. Where?

Another advices: Use Maxmind antifraud system in WHMCS, dont prepay reseller account for long period,