Hello, i installed ISPConfig control panel on Centos 6, 64bit according to this manual and after done, spconfig link is in /var/www/ispconfig

But "Apache 2 Test Page" is present when i add my server IP into the web browser.

When added index.html into /var/www/html it shows up. But when moved /var/www/ispconfig contents into var/www/html, it shows 500 error.

I tried chown root, apache, my hostname but its still there. Permissions chmod are 750, 755 at folders and 644, 755 at files (i tried both)

also when apache restarted it says:
[warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts

also shows for port 443 or similar.

Any idea please?

I was adviced to access ISPConfig via http://MyServerIP:8080