Hi, my hosting provider told me my rm -rf /directory/path/* command dont works because in the folder are too many files (more than 8GB of tiny files) He adviced using find and xargs command.

Please which efficient command do you recommend for deleting all files in folder /home/username/public_html/dbtech/vboptimise/filecache ?

I got this ideas:

find /home/username/public_html/dbtech/vboptimise/filecache -name '*' | xargs rm -rf
also he adviced me this one:

ls /home/username/public_html/dbtech/vboptimise/filecache | xargs rm
also some one advice this one as more efficient:

find . | xargs cmd
but i dont know how to make it delete all files in that folder Any idea on best command please?


i got this advice on how to delete all files in directory. Its claimed to be the fastest/most efficient one:

find /path/to/directory/ -type f -delete