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Thread: Indian government, CBI, indian security agencies pamper semiliterate housewives

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    Indian government, CBI, indian security agencies pamper semiliterate housewives

    Indian government, CBI, indian security agencies pamper semiliterate housewives, falsely claim that they are engineers to give them CBI jobs
    The indian and goan government, CBI, security agencies are pampering google, tata sponsored semi literate housewives like eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons in panaji, goa, falsely claims that the semiliterate gujju housewife has the resume, investment of a google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai , engineer to give the school dropout a CBI job with monthly salary

    With the indian government falsely claiming that school dropouts like cbi employee naina have btech 1993 ee/engineering degrees from top colleges in India to give them top indian government jobs , no wonder rail accidents are taking place

    Does the government in your country also hire school dropouts falsely claiming that they are engineers from top colleges, or india is the only country in the world which officially claims that cbi panaji, employee gujju housewife naina, eighth standard pass, mother of two sons and other frauds, has a btech 1993 ee degree to waste indian tax payer money paying her a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor

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    Why would the people from government do that? If there was a bribe and you can prove it/can gather evidence, you can consider reporting that.

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