Hi, i have OpenVZ server for VPS reselling and HyperVM on it as a control panel.
Also i have WHMCS billing system which includes module for hyperVM accounts automatic provisioning (auto setup).

But when i run module create (setup new vps) or any other automated action, it says this error in Utilities / Logs / System Module Debug Log

Curl Error: 7 - couldn't connect to host
(another variety is: Curl Error: 7 - Failed to connect to IP port 8887: Connection refused)

Please do you have any ideas on what to check on my HyperVM OpenVZ server?

Update: Make sure HyperVM server port 8888(8887) is open for incoming/outgoing connections at server where WHMCS is installed!!!!! and also on HyperVM server (is open by default) .Here is the open port checker: http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php
After my hosting provider opened port on server where WHMCS was installed, it started working!