I was curious how cpanel server installation works when one buy license. Here is how:

cPanel reseller Support: Hello. How may I help you?
Me: Hello, when i buy VPS license, how i can install it?
i mean i have SSH linux CentOS plain access..
cPanel reseller Support: hi
we offer a free install for clients
after you order you will receive an information email
and it will tell you to submit for the free install if you want to do it
Me: thx, and this free install is done like within 24 hours? i cant install myself, downloading some package from linux command line?
cPanel reseller Support: the techs respond within 15 minutes
depending on your connections is how long it will take
but usually around 3 hours
if you have your server prepared correctly
Me: thx, do i need any speciffic operating system on my VPS?
cPanel reseller Support: centOS 5 is good
Me: ok, thank you for help
good day

Do you have any experience with cpanel license purchase and installation on linux box?