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Thread: XEN VPS, RAID-5, Italian Location, 24/7 Skilled Support

  1. #1 XEN VPS, RAID-5, Italian Location, 24/7 Skilled Support

    Founded in 2000, 7HOST delivers complex managed hosting solutions and high-end application services to a broad spectrum of businesses,
    from turnkey application packages designed for small and mid-sized businesses, to full scale IT infrastructures for industry leaders.
    This includes highly profitable companies who make the fiscally sound decision to outsource, instead of maintaining a large scale IT department.

    Virtual private servers

    Citrix XEN VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting) is a solution between Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers.
    The VPS Hosting is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers so each server has the appearance and functionality of a dedicated server with its own share of RAM, CPU and hard drive.
    Each VPS has a real operating system (Windows or Linux) where you can install and manage your software and each server can be independently managed and rebooted.The VPS are very useful to install and maintain your own web servers, Mail Server and FTP Server. Each VPS has RAID5 redundancy.

    VPS Hosting Basic

    only 36/month
    Linux or Windows 2003 Server OS
    RAM 256MB
    Disk 10GB
    Bandwidth 1 Mbps

    VPS Hosting Plus

    only 48/month
    Linux or Windows 2003 Server OS
    RAM 512MB
    Disk 20GB
    Bandwidth 2 Mbps

    VPS Hosting Premium
    only 78/month
    Linux or Windows 2003 Server OS
    RAM 1GB
    Disk 30GB
    Bandwidth 4 Mbps

    Dedicated servers

    Data Center in Italy: Our Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers use only top quality hardware. Upon request, We can provide Windows and Linux full-managed servers. All Dedicated Servers are hosted in our Datacenter in Naples (Napoli), Italy; Data Center Facility is one of the most important in Europe and is completely managed by our Server Dedicati Engineers Team.
    7Host is leader in reliable and affordable dedicated server and VPS hosting solutions. You can be sure your dedicated server is server-grade. Our wide range of dedicated servers are priced for any budget. For as little as 48 EUR you can have a dedicated server online by this evening.

    Dedicated Server Entry
    only 48.00/month
    INTEL 1 Core 2.8GHZ o simile
    RAM 2GB
    Disk 500GB SATA
    Setup: 48.00

    Dedicated Server Plus
    only 72.00/month
    INTEL Dual Core 2.6GHZ o simile
    RAM 4GB
    Disk 500GB SATA
    Setup: 72.00

    Dedicated Server Pro
    only 108.00/month
    INTEL Dual Core QUAD 2.4GHZ o simile
    RAM 4GB
    Disk 2x500GB SATA
    Setup: 108.00

    All servers for hosting in our Datacenter are protected with firewall, AVG Antivirus Server, RAID and UPS systems.

    Based in Chieti, Central Italy, 7HOST has its own highly secure datacenter in Milan which includes a state-of-the-art network, and total fiber optic connectivity for high-speed reliable service.

    The Internet never stops and neither do we.

    For further information contact info at

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    Mar 2013
    Do you think Windows 2003 will work on 256MB VPS?
    I was almost unable to run LXDE linux RDP on 256MB RAM VPS.

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